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SMS text marketing is a promising concept with a lot to offer. SMS, an acronym for Short Message Service, is also known as text messaging. Cell phones today are used more for texting that voice calls. With texting being an important pillar of communication these days, numerous businesses are turning to this approach to market their products, services and specials directly to their customers.

Text message marketing entails notable advantages, especially in terms of viral advertising and promoting brand awareness. Whenever you send out a text message to your clients, you immediately remind them of your brand, your services/ products and your value. Providing consistent value to your customers through text marketing, is a very effective way to drive brand loyality. Over the long term, all this could translate to improved client retention rates and increased sales.

SMS Marketing as a Business Concept

The fundamental characteristics of any how to find hidden text messages on phone   text are conciseness and effectiveness. Think about it – you only have 160 characters (the equivalent of about 30 words) to get your message across, so you will need to say what you have to say quickly and clearly. Here are some pointers to consider when formulating your SMS marketing messages.

• Keep it short and simple. Only introduce one offer with each text message.
• Include a catchy headline and draw up a call to action.
• Clarify the offer type – i.e. limited time, one time only, expires XX, etc.
• Clarify the nature of the deal – i.e. two-for-one, discount, free, etc.
• Make sure your customers know how to access each offer.

5 Examples of Effective Text Marketing Campaigns

There are many different approaches you can follow when using SMS marketing. Here are a few simple campaign ideas to start with.

1. Recurring Offer. This refers to something you offer on a regular basis, under the same conditions. It may be a two-for-one offer or a free offer when a customer spends a certain amount. For best results, send out a message each time the deal is reactivated.


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